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We grow 100% Pure organic Rice and Farm Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

Girmapur Organics was formed in 2011 in the pursuit of growing natural, organic crops in an ecological habitat where a diverse range of vegetables, rice, wheat, staples and fruits can grown in a natural and self sustaining manner in a small space of semi-urban land.

Located at the edge of Hyderabad city, we bring fresh produce that is harvested on demand and delivered direct to the door from our own farms. We strongly believe in the value good food, grown ecologically, adds to our bodies and hence our general quality of life.

Our farm is a unique experiment where we grow many varieties of vegetables and staples interspread amongst each other. This has given us the adaptability and versatility to withstand the unpredictability of nature over many seasons.

Our permanent staff of 15+ workers on the farm are busy weeding away the fields and preparing the lands with their own hands instead of relying on any convenient chemical that would save them the effort. Hence everything is produced with a lot of care and effort to ensure the utmost quality and integrity in the produce.

The team is what makes us special to our customers and we always care to listen to what our customers are telling us about their preferences and choices. We invite you too to join the organic movement and help make the future a more healthy and ecological one.

Organic Certification No: NPOP/NAB/0014
European Certification No: 834/2007

We have officially started new routes in Kukatpally, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills and Villa Greens (Kokapet).
If you stay in these areas and would like to try our freshly picked organic vegetables, Feel free to get in touch on
+91 9885921706.

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We grow 100% Pure organic Rice and Farm Fresh Vegetables & Fruits.

100% Pure Organic Rice & Wheat

Somethings are truly unmissable when pure

We Grow Fresh Seasonal Vegetables

More than 50+ varieties of vegetables and staples are produced year round

Farmers with 40+ years of experience

Those who still remember how it was grown in their childhood!

We guarantee quality products we sell

We are Certified..

We Guarantee 100% Organic

produce with Zero artificial substances in the farming process.

We’ve been doing this for 8 years now

we have no intentions of giving this up any time soon!

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Govardhan Farms
Svy. No. 274, Govardhan Kutir,
Girmapur Village

Medchal Mandal, RR District,



+91 98859 21706

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